Search Engine Optimization

Frantic infotech is a leading search engine optimization (SEO) company in India.We help you to optimize your website for more and more organic visibility and leads for the growth odlf your business. Our teamhave excelled in backlinks.

What is Seo?

Search engine optimization is easier than your imagination, seo is basically an approach to increase the visibility of your website organically, so that users can easily reach you. The main objective of Seo is to get your website ranked above every other website on search engines. The main objective of Search engine optimization is to do a thorough research on high quality keywords related to your business and implement those keywords in your website for being ranked above all on all major search engines. Seo simply helps you to reach your prospective clients organically, without spending a high amount on money in other inorganic marketing schemes. Search engine optimization is the best way of generating leads that are genuine and of high quality. Reach customers who needs to be found.

Exponential growth in website traffic, through our SEO services

There is a survey conducted that states, the top 3 listings on google search engine are clicked the most, approximately 85% of the total clicks. According to this survey it has been clarified that being among the top 3 listings on google search engine is very important if you want a hype in leads for your business.. Search engine optimization is the solution to this,Our seo services helps your website to be visible in the top 3 position on google search engine and hence increases traffic on your website and generating organic leads.

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Our SEO Services:

We as a search engine optimization company try our best to help you grow your business, our clients are our priority, their growth reflects our growth. We never disappoint our clients with our seo services.

Initial Website Audit

  • Analysis of In-depth Site
  • duplicacy Check of content
  • Initial Back links analysis
  • Competition Analysis

On-Page Optimization

  • Title & Meta Tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Website Content Writing
  • HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization
  • Internal Link Structuring & Optimization

Content Marketing

  • Blog Writing
  • Informational Content Writing & Sharing
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Blog Posting
Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

  • NAP Syndication & Citation Building
  • Google Local & Bing Local Listing
  • Updating Pages & Schema Integration
  • Classified Submissions

Social Media Optimization

  • Facebook Page Promotion
  • Twitter Account Page Promotion
  • Instagram Account Promotion
  • LinkedIn Page Promotion
  • Social Sharing

Video Marketing

  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • Video / PPT Creation + Distribution
  • Example Videos

How does brand visibility increase, with the help of SEO?


Complete Analysis of website

Our team does a detail analysis of your site and rule out the flaws and drawbacks that are holding back from your website to be on top.


Analysis of competitors:

Our experts perform an analysis to list out your competitors , who can be a threat to your business and can most probably pull your business down by taking over your leads.


Improving site's conversions

By the help of certain techniques we try to convert the guest visitors on your site into a customer.


Amplifying brand awareness:

It is very necessary to make your prospective clients aware of your business by certain seo techniques, we do brand promotions on the search crawlers.



Our Seo team excels in generating organic website traffic with a high conversion rate..


Improving website rank:

The USP of search engine optimization is to improve your website's rank and push it above all others on major search engines organically.



Generating organic traffic naturally isn't an overnight task, so we carry out unique SEO techniques and tricks to enhance the website page prominence.

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