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React native app development company

We are one of the top most react native app development company in India

React native application development company

Within the span of4+ years frantic infotech has enhanced an evolved in the area of react native app development field, with the help of highly skilled developers. The motivation provided by our50+ satisfied clients help us to grow and evolve with time.

React native: fast and reliable development framework for Android and IOS.

Loved by thousands of people already, react native us a technology backed by Facebook and eased by JavaScript originated in 2015. With this innovation the mobile app development industry has be enhanced in each and every aspect , through this cutting edge technology, now only using one code , apps can be developed for both android and IOS devices. React native framework suits both android and iOS platforms simultaneously as it is a fast growing programming language. Adapted by mobile app developers all over the globe, this technology has given the market a really improved user experience and higher revenue in no time.

Leveraging the Inherent Features of React Native we create Stunning Apps

Trying to get an efficient react native app developed for your business? We being one of the top react native app development company in India, can help you with this venture of yours. Frantic infotech concentrates mainly on your product goals before the app development process. For the delivery of an incredibly successful product , our analysts research on all the fields that are important in the react native app development process. By being up to date with the mates trends and technologies. We build highly eye catching react native apps that are 100% successful on play store.

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Key points that suggests choosing Reach Native is the best choice:

React native is the best choice for mobile app developers nowadays, due to it's easy implementable framework. Every mobile app development company uses react native framework for better designing of your business app:

Here are some main features that make react native the best choice of all:

Open Source: As it is an open source, developers can very easily use API without any issues..

Efficient React Native App Development: It is an extremely efficient and effortless technique for mobile application development that is both feasible for android and iOS devices.

Rapid and instant Development:Since the codes of react native framework is reused several times, hence the development of applications happens instantly and is rapid.

Cross-platform Compatibility: It has cross-platform compatibility, that is an advantage as both Android and iOS applications can be developed using react native.

Re-usable Code: The same code is used for developing an effective and successful Android and iOS application.

Reduced Cost of Development: With the help of React Native, you can get an application developed that is hybrid by spending less amount of money.

Less Time Taken: As a single app is made from similar codes for both platforms ( iOS and android) time and efforts both are reduced in the development of the application

Live Updates: An unique feature of Live Update is also present which does not require the approval from the App Store

React native development services we ace in:

Being the top most react native development company with the help of our top class react native developers excel in developing a budget friendly, highly confined, and successful application for your business. We offer all the react native app development services that are highly esteemed for our clients

  • React Native Interactive UX/UI Development
  • React Native App Customization
  • React Native Testing Services
  • React Native Consultation
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development
  • Custom Server Side API Development
  • React Native Support, Maintenance, and Upgradation
  • Migration performed to React Native from jQuery, JavaScript, and Native Script
  • We are a custom React Native App Development Company for Android and iOS
  • React Native App Redesigning and development