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Software Tools Development

Frantic Infotech Pvt Ltd supports software development from the smallest Cortex-M series microcontroller all the way up to many-core SoCs. We know that getting the software right makes all the difference to how an end user perceives a device, so build applications, operating systems and drivers that work together efficiently with the hardware.A software tool is a program that automates some of the labor involved in the management, design, coding, testing, inspection, or maintenance of other programs. Commercially available tools range in size and complexity from simple aids for individual programmers and end users to complex tools that can support many software projects simultaneously.Soft$&e techniques are methods or procedures for designing, developing., 'documenting, and maintaining programs, or for managing these activities. There are generally two types of software techniques: those used by personnel who work on programs and those used by managers to control the work.

We Developed Software Tools in Different Phases

First Phase

A feasibility study is used to determine whether a project should go ahead. This will include an initial project plan and budget estimates for future stages of the project.

Second Phase

Analysis identifies the requirements for the system. This includes a detailed analysis of the particular problem being addressed or the expectations of a particular system.

Third Phases

The design phase includes determining what programs are needed and how they are going to interact, how each individual program is going to work, what the software interface is going to look like and what data will be required.

Fourth Phases

In the implementation stage, the design is translated into code. This requires selecting the most appropriate programming language and writing the actual code needed to the make the design work.

Fifth Phases

Testing and debugging involves testing individuals modules of the system as well as the as a whole.

Why Frantic For Your Projects

We at Frantic Info tech extensive knowledge of each phase of Android mobile application development. We conceptualize, prototype, design, deploy and maintain your enterprises android applications as per your preferences. Following are our unique selling points, which makes us the proffered choice amongst the clients for android app development services and solutions.

* Customer centric approach
~Data & Information Confidentiality
~Understanding business objective
~Understanding business objective
~Complete Security & Legal Compliance
~Precise and user friendly apps
~Qualitative development and deployment process
~Expert developers