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Responsive Web Designing and Development

With more than 200+ clients across the globe, from startups to large enterprises, Frantic Infotech has evolved, within a period of 5+ years as one of the top Responsive Web Designing and Development Company in India.

Overview of Responsive Web Designing

Responsive web is a type on web designing in which the code and layout of the website is set in such a way that toe content presented is suitable for optimal viewing approach. A single batch of coding is used in Responsive web design, which thereby optimizes itself , as per the viewing screen. Navigation through website is made smoother due to this and hence less amount of scrolling, resizing or zooming is required.

Suitable to work on every day device, Responsive web design is constructed this way, no matter what the screen size is, large or small, mobile or laptop or PC, it provides an amazing user experience. As smatphines have succeeded in bringing a huge change in user experience and especially web design, hence in today's world web browsing has excelled actively with technology.

Benefits of choosing Responsive Web Designing with us

We at Frantic infotech help you to expand your business by bringing it online, hence our Responsive web designs perform flawlessly, which is suitable on all possible devices, with the following added benefits:

  • Equally successful experience across all possible devices
  • Time saving and cost efficient
  • Website traffic increase
  • Bounce rate reduction
  • Search engine visibility improved
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Our Approach

  • We prefer to study the elements and understand your business objective before constructing desktop website into a mobile website
  • Before development of responsive websites we keep in mind the rule of "one eye, one thumb" for smartphones
  • We follow the trend and hence are designers are always up to date
  • Our development is from scratch
  • Changes in digital strategy as per the requirements
  • Layout and navigation pattern is always kept in our mind
We at Frantic infotech, create innovative web designs to attract users, we are capable of designing any kind of website, as per your business requirements.

Hire Us

  • We are very innovative when it comes to development of responsive websites, Al's cost management is kept in our minds for your benefit. We don't charge any additional amount. When you hire us you pay only for the best work done.
  • Responsive web designing done by Frantic infotech has features including, the website is search engine optimization friendly,
  • Responsive websites constructed by Frantic infotech are super flexible and reliable. We guarantee on free content move across all devices or screen resolution.
  •  In this age of Google penguin our Responsive web design developers focus on the content mainly. The content is the king.

Advantages with Frantic Infotech

" Responsive website designing for ultimate user Experience"
We at Frantic infotech provide a platform that I designed for diving successful outputs and ensuring value to our customers. We have an experience of 5 years in the field of design, development, Mobile apps and testing. .

Strong woreframing for Responsive Designing, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Graphics.

Quality plus on- time delivery

Prime user experience

Fulfillment of deadlines

Cost control

Cost efficient

Obtaining on- demand resources

More productivity

Following latest trends and technology