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Within a period of 5+ years, frantic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as one of the top Ionic app developers. The unmatched assistance provided by 100+ dedicated employees has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and across Globe.

What is Ionic Framework?

Ionic, an open-source SDK is the cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development framework having a prime focus on the composition with native looks and quality of your cross-platform application. The applications developed employing the Ionic framework provide functionalities like native mobile apps with alluring design and smooth user interaction and can be deployed on varied platforms.

Ionic built mobile applications provide a native style that enables UI layouts and elements to work seamlessly as well as works on various devices and operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. Developers all over the world prefer this framework as Ionic has the potential of developing swift-loading mobile apps that are extremely reliable and user-friendly and facilitates your business to get a cross-platform app with the native look and feel. Besides, Ionic mobile app development framework leverages the power of Angular JS, HTML5, and CSS to provide the best performance and user experience with the least resources.

frantic as an Ionic App Development Company

frantic, a Leading Ionic application development company specializes in elevating the branding of your products and intensify customer service experience. Our ionic applications are easy to run on different platforms and presents high-grade performance and user experience. With a focal point on performance superiority and technology innovation, our team of dedicated Ionic app developers having 12+ years of experience leverages some of the essential elements of the Ionic framework such as mobile SDK, UI library, themes, plugins to design & develop enterprise-rich and intuitive cross-platform apps that will unleash the real potential of your business. We believe in following the best coding practices adhering to guidelines laid by Apple, Google, and Windows to fulfill client's demands. Our Ionic framework app development professionals have hands-on expertise working with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, and Cordova. We are well known for our flexible approach in developing cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps for various sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education, etc.

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Blue Sky Help Service

A clone of urban clap if described precisely. All services of your needs are delivered at your doorsteps. Blue sky services makes your life hassle free. Services like home salon, home cleaning, electrician, laundry, beautician, car washing, and many more, are offered to you through this platform. User can book any service they want as per their need and requirements..


Legizzy is an application for the lawyers and their client. lawyers will be able to register all of his clients for whom they are working on the application and hence all the records for the hearing will be maintained safely there. Important notices will be notified to the client by the lawyers through notifications options, that are updated by the concerned lawyer. It is also beneficial for the Clients as they can see different documents uploaded by the lawyer like challan etc. And then can download it..


It's an Online maths learning application, if described precisely. Make your kid learn at the same time let him have some fun through this application. Every kid is unique this application identifies and enhances your kids interest and talent towards mathematics by teaching them new techniques through different activities related to maths and also providing books online. Mathsomania makes maths fun..


It is an application that offers students scholarship in every education field on the basis of their academic skills and online assessment. Scholarship programs are conducted at various levels through examination and hence services to enhance candidate's knowledge and skills by providing a healthy environment for technical and medical education..


The Concept of Family Medicine Family medicine is an independent academic discipline and specialty of medical science. Family medicine developed as a counterculture in response to rapid fragmentation of medical care into specialty and sub specialty care in the much of the developed world during post second world war period. The concept evolved as a concept of medical care to cater to the growing demand of the people for personalized, continued and comprehensive care..


DAY NIGHT FOODS brings you food delivery wherever you are Calgary. Order online or thru mobile app from our top restaurants partner and take your pick from the most popular cuisines..


It is an initiative to expose the hypocrisy of today's politicians through social media platforms.Master Movement 2018 is a selfless movement that has been started to serve the country and its citizens. An initiative for the common people of the country, which guarantees not to form any political party and neither to join any. .


Badvyapar is a network centric trade platform, that is designed for small and medium retailers in India. Traders , wholesalers, retailers in India are brought to a single platform with this platform by real insights into active trends and great trend features. Badavyapar brings technology and marketing together as one..


Esha Corporate Cleaner Esha Corporate Cleaner provides overall cleanliness solutions for house, workplace, office, hospitals, societies etc. Cleanliness is a stepping stone towards hygiene and growth. We provide trained professionals for housekeeping services as we focus on new cleaning solutions for our new age clients. .


This particular portal provides various opportunities to students who are in search of Part time jobs, internships,or community service positions. Potential employee both on and off campus are willing to hire through the portal. Daily new opportunities are posted with more positions than we can fill..


Grenonews is an application and portal through which one can share international, national, state and local news through social media platforms like Facebook, youtube, Twitter and our specially designed portal.It mainly focus on greater noida real time news, that is valid and 100% true. News related to every aspect that one needs to know about greater noida..


Tedifilix application is basically an opportunity for all those individuals who aspire to do a part time job from home. It provides work from home part time job for women entrepreneurs, housewives, college students, shop owners, wholesale traders, and anyone who is more likely to be looking for work from home part time jobs. Tremendous and uncountable jobs are waiting for you to grab, through this application..


It is a type of application for people and students who aspire to learn English speaking and communication skills. An institution is built in form of an application for teaching people and make them excel in English communication skills, public speaking, presentations and personality development..


It is more likely a social media platform through which people can post events and tickets both, as it has both host login and user login. People can meet new people and even chat with them, post events, seminars , of any platform and interests , they can also book tickets for any event that is posted on the application by the host. You can both be host and user through this app..

Pollen Art

It is a platform for artists for showcasing their artworks online and for art lovers who can admire their art. This portal serves a huge platform of growth for the artists as they can become famous through this and can even be contacted by one of the art lovers for business collaborations..

Early Morning

One stop solution for car washing, laundry, flowers for worship and coconut water delivered at your doorsteps. It's an application that deals with all your early morning needs and requirements, so that you can relax and have a great day ahead. Get ready to have an extremely satisfying experience with the early morning application..


Sassoon Fab International Pvt. Ltd. is a young dynamic company that was launched in 1995. Sassoon as a brand initially got launched as a brand for printed towels but after years of hard work Sassoon is now a well known household brand and is popular nationwide for its wide range of Home Furnishing products.The strength of Sassoon is the copyright designs that it offers to its customers giving them a perfect royal match. Sassoon is audacious in the Indian market and works constantly on bringing in the latest designs keeping in mind the changing needs of its widespread customer base. The brand aims at creating an environment of comfort and confidence..

Fair Law Practitioners

An application and platform designed for the benefit of lawyers out there. This application deals with data and case collection of lawyers. It offers services related to law and order, all legal matters are covered through this particular platform..

ASAV Attorneys & Advisors LLP (AAA)

This platform specializes in legal matter solving like Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax, G.S.T, Corporate Criminal & Tax Investigations (DRI, DGGSTI, SIIB, CIU), Anti-Dumping, Safeguards, Subsidy and Countervailing Laws and Prevention of Money Laundering, FEMA issues for the clients. Besides above, the Firm provides all the legal support related to IPR Violations, Mis-handled and Missing Cargoes in Indian Ports. Apart from these, the firm focusses in Banking Laws, Merger & Acquisitions, Consumer Protection Laws, Competition Laws, through the help of this platform that is created by us..


It is basically a customer support application for all the customers of Marg, through this application they can book appointments with the customer support on call, provide references for Marg software, generate ticket, search for a query and get updates of latest Marg news. It is a 24*7 customer support in form of an application, for a better user experience..

Heal my Life

Heal my life application is helpful for both doctor and patients if any patient has any problem he can directly check the disease in the app and can also know the medicines and particular precautions he need to take regarding the disease. Doctor can check their patients history inside the application that what problems patient has been facing he can know complete history of all the patients..

Healthy Happy Life

This website is designed to evaluate health and happiness of the user and give corresponding advices. This is purely for educational and awareness purposes. It also provides education in any available subject in a graded manner..

Datatrained place mentportal

This particular portal provides various opportunities to students who are in search of Part time jobs, internships,or community service positions. Potential employee both on and off campus are willing to hire through the portal. Daily new opportunities are posted with more positions than we can fill..


It is an application that helps in digitalizing all the small scale ( Kirana) shops by bring them online and building a retail chain of grocery stores by the help of techniques of connecting them to inventory management and hyper local marketplace. The local small scale grocery shops are benefited by digitalizing their stores online as their business grows eventually..


DOC24 : an application that enables you to browse nearby doctors of all categories like physicians, gynecologist etc. The user can book appointments, or have a video consultancy session with the doctor of their choice. The application has two login portals, one for the user and other for the doctors..


At present we provide comprehensive and customized Transport solution to Bpo And It Industry and MNC Coprate office for movement of the personal cost effective and efficient manner without compromising the comfort and aminites of the modern day requirment,The company is effective efficently managing a a fleet of 323 cab,which comprise vehical of a range segment like Indica,Tata sumo,Toyta Innova,Toyta Innova Crysta,Maruti Dezire, Maruti Ertiga,Mahindra Xylo and many more Key To our Success has ability to provide the service at very comptetive rate determined as a result of cost efficient operation and effective utilization of resource.


40 Years ago Bagai Steel Syndicate, starred its presence in country’s major steel industry with its quality products and excellent customer services. In recent years Bagai Steel, has toiled hard to be one of the leading stockists, wholesale suppliers of Steel Plates, Steel Pipes, H.R. Sheets / Plates, C.R. Sheets, Galvanized Sheets, G.I. Pipes & M.S. Pipes, all types of structural steels i.e. Angles, Channels, Joists, Flats / Strips, Rounds and Reinforcement Steels (TMT Bars) and many other products..


Advantages of using Ionic for App Development

  • Powered by AngularJS: Ionic utilizes AngularJS to present a strong composition that makes the codes flexible and straightforward to understand. Ionic and AngularJS make a great combination to build customer-friendly hybrid applications.
  • Highly Customizable User Interface:It's a popular framework due to its simple coding requirements for developing mobile apps with an appealing UI. Ionic has highly customizable themes and components that attracts customers and increases customer engagement.
  • Ability to Develop Cross-Platform Applications: In this cutting-edge competition, if your mobile app is not compatible with new platforms or devices, it is of no use. You and your business as well need to target maximum customers, using the Ionic framework; you can get a mobile app developed for your business with cross-platform compatibility.
  • Potentiality of Developing High-Performing Mobile Apps: Ionic app development enables native mobile components to have a native style that enables UI layouts and elements to work plus provide the best performance and user experience fulfilling the demands of your business.

Ionic App Development Services we Present:

Ionic UI Design: We are well versed in crafting intuitive UX/UI designs and interactive graphics that work like native apps and offer an exhilarating experience to your users.

Ionic Mobile App Development: We at frantic develop cross-platform mobile apps with all business features that enable business systems like E-commerce, CRM, Customer Portal, etc available on mobile devices.

Ionic Business App Development: We at frantic develop cross-platform mobile apps with all business features that enable business systems like E-commerce, CRM, Customer Portal, etc available on mobile devices.

Ionic Game Development: Our Ionic app developers build high-end addictive games based on Ionic that renders an amazing experience to users with its engaging UX and UI.

Ionic App Testing: We are adept at testing the compatibility of hybrid apps and follow stringent testing processes and ensure that your applications work fast, efficiently and error-free.

Ionic App Integration: We integrate mobile apps with smart devices like smart watches, geolocation devices, AR/VR devices, and all other digital devices for geotargeting, health monitoring, augmented reality etc.

Ionic App Porting: In a mood to port your Ionic app to iOS or Android, we are here to assist you with the best possible utilization of reusable code base. We as top-notch Ionic development company are the first choice of the users.

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