Tiffin Delivery Application | How is it useful in enhancing your tiffin business?

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Are you interested in earning money through your cooking skills? Are you interested in starting a tiffin service? If yes then the best way to start your business is getting a mobile application developed. Not only it will help you spread awareness of your brand but also make it easy for your target audience to reach you and order tiffin through app.
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E- reading Application Development | Know the Benefits

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As it has been observed that these days, more offline book retailers and publishers are reaping the benefits of online reading apps. This is high time to follow the current trend as every book publisher creates its e-reading app.

So, what is the delay? Get an e-reading app with its essential features developed today by Frantic infotech and enhance your business cost-effectively!

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The future of Healthcare is on- demand Doctor's App

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Doctor's application has been in trend nowadays and also, in the past few years. These applications have changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. They definitely have not only prompted users to install these apps on their smartphones, but have also encouraged many doctors and medical organizations to invest in Doctor On-demand app development. For a clear evidence , as per a 2019 survey of 800 physicians, adoption of telehealth solutions at clinics have risen by 340%, while 79% of the surveyed patients have shared positive feedback about these apps in another survey.

Mesmerized with the above mentioned numbers, if you are a doctor or healthcare provider who wishes to enter this market segment but, at the same time, wants to take the decision smartly then definitely you’ve landed at the right place.



1. More convenient

A remote doctor consulting application, lets patients to connect with reputed doctors in real-time. This delivers them with the convenience of getting the right consultation, prescription and healthcare services with a few taps on their smartphone screens.


2.  Improved patient outcomes are experienced

A mobile application also gives patients an escape from visiting clinics and hospitals for follow-ups, having medications, missing appointments, or asking about prescriptions again and again, especially during this coronavirus pandemic situations it is the best way to consulyt a doctor or treat a patient.

This also reduces the number of appointments and related tasks and let doctors provide better assistance to all the patients in real-time in the form of a call or message, which eventually improves their experience level and outcomes.


3.  Reduced paperwork for hassle free consultation

The prime advantages of Doctor on-demand platforms is that they let both healthcare providers and patients keep a record of all the details on their mobile. This finally cuts down the time and hassle associated with maintaining in-office administrative paperwork.


4.  Lower hospital visits

This on- demand healthcare app has ultimately reduced the number of hospital readmissions and visits without affecting the quality of the services offered by the doctors.


5.  Cheaper Services as compared to the old way of treatment

As the healthcare services are made convenient and available in real-time, while it ois observed thatt cutting down the costs associated with ER trips and hospital admissions, these apps have proven to made the healthcare services cheaper and accessible to all.


So what are you waiting for? Get an on- demand healthcare application developed by the best mobile app developers in town that is Frantic Infotech.

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A Full Guide To Language Learning Application | Frantic Infotech

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Learning a new language has become a trend nowadays. The craze of learning a foreign language while being at home is growing continuously as different people globally want to learn different languages. Some of them seek effective ways of learning new languages, while others try to find the absolute solution by making education web and mobile platforms.


Top Features to Consider While Building a Language Learning App


The below-mentioned features will make it clear about the language learning app features:


1. Register/Log In: 

You need to maintain the authorization system to build a language learning app. A user needs to answer some questions like name, email, gender, and age; enter the password and it’s done! To ease the entire procedure, you can add the capacity of authorizing using social accounts.


2. User Profile:

To use a language learning app, users need to create accounts and fill out their profiles with data. Apps like Duolingo may ask for the following information:


  • Information is associated with the individual’s identity like photo, sex, and age.
  • A language to choose for studying
  • Setting up a daily target
  • Particularize the language level


3. The Learn Screen:

It’s a Dashboard that enables users to follow their achievements and incorporates tools for the learning procedure itself.


Learning procedure

When a user sets up a daily target, he needs to perform a specific number of exercises daily to get a fixed number of points. The user gets rewards by meeting tasks successfully and can use those reward points in the Shop.

Apps like Duolingo provide many types of lessons. You can add these lessons to make your language learning app interesting and exciting:


  • Translate of an audio phrase
  • Select the pair of languages
  • Choose the precise translation between some text options
  • Select the image
  • Choose the missing word
  • Prompts
  • Translate and Record
  • Compose a particular phrase from suggested words



The learning screen also allows users to check their accomplishments, such as:


  1. Gems (reward coins)
  2. Crowns
  3. Users’ progress


Profile & Settings

The personal user profile comprises all data regarding the user and permits him/her to check his/her progress in language training. The profile can be edited so the user can modify his/her data or settings whenever he/she needs it.


Benefits of Building a Language Learning App


  1. Learn Any Language
  2. Learn Anywhere, anytime
  3. Amazing User UInterface
  4. Various Kinds of Courses
  5. Enable Users to Track Their Progress
  6. Best Learning in Less Time


The reason why everybody would use your app for language learning is that they don’t have ample time for going to an institute for a regular course. Hence, your app must offer quality learning rapidly.


So get a language learning app developed for your business and make it a profitable deal. Contact Frantic Infotech.

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How much does it cost to maintain a mobile application after its development?

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After a lot of hard work put into the development of an application, when it goes live after several months gives an amazing and satisfying feeling. However, if you are under an impression that work has been completed with application development, making apps live in the app store or play store, and doing marketing them you are absolutely wrong.


After getting a mobile app successfully built, you must maintain it. And app maintenance can cost you. Moreover, inadequate app maintenance can be a reason behind an app failure.




Focusing on app maintenance will 100% be beneficial n the long run. It has been proven that increasing the app retention rates by 5% can increase profit of an organization by anywhere between 25% and 95%. For surviving in-app store or play store it is important to maintain an application after its development.

Things such as performance requirements, changes in its design, new device launches, new operating system launches are some of the points that generate purpose for having an app maintenance strategy before you think of starting the development process. So, be informed that no matter how much effort you put in the application development process, it is necessary to maintain the application as well.


Factors That are necessary to be considered for Calculating Mobile App Maintenance


There are many examples online that will surely define your app development costs and strategies but very few examples re there to make you aware of the app maintenance process and importance. 

Here are the top 3 factors that you must be considered for estimating mobile app maintenance cost:


  •  Team Spot development

Costs of app development are different in different countries across the globe. The USA has comparatively higher rates. The highest rates can be expected in Switzerland in Europe, whereas Eastern and Central Europe have one of the lowest rates. 


  • Software Complication that occurs during the development process

Your app maintenance costs will eventually increase if your app has more screens and features. If you get an app built with two separate native apps for Android and iOS, your maintenance could be more than using a cross- platform solution like react native app development.

The number of third-party integrations is another factor to give it a thought while analyzing costs. If your app is connected with external services like social media, or payment platforms, you can anticipate more maintenance costs in all aspects.


  • Design or UI/UX of the App

To keep affordable maintenance costs, you must hire experienced software designers for them to build a good UI/UX application, as If your app design is not good, it can cost you more maintenance expenses in the long run.


How Much Does It Cost For Maintenaing Your App?

One must be ready before going for building an app. The app maintenance cost varies from app to app and from the type of apps and their features. On average, it can cost you nearly 20% of your actual expenses of mobile app development.

Things to keep in mind while Considering Application Maintenance Costs


Here are some factors that you should remember while acknowledging the expenses of maintaining an application:


  • Analytics


Tools offered by Google like Google Analytics offers a lot of data to help you make the right decision and get reports that give you answers. Free tools are available but advanced tools give more information, so choose what is best,

It’s also the expense in time as you will require somebody for spending time applying this and checking everything.

Analytics is also essential for performance problems like glitches, crashes, and other bugs.


  • Hosting


One must require paying the database and backend of your app hosted for it to perform well. Many hosting options are there like a cloud-based environment. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is also one of the cloud services that will cost less than others as you just pay for usage and there will be less setup and maintenance expense of the server, which will definitely reduce the maintenance cost of the app.


  • Third-party


When one uses something in the app that is coming from somebody else, you will need to pay for it monthly. For example, you will need to pay for a licensed technology that you utilize from the third party.


  • Bugs and Updates


Updates are important with every technology. Every app gets updated versions. Simply open the store and check the description, you will find the required updates there. These updates’ costs rely on many factors.


  • Marketing strategies


You need user engagement and marketing functions to get and retain users. Many free things are there to do, but paying a bit can get your name out there.


  • App Security is a must


Ensuring your app security is another essential maintenance cost you must budget for beforehand and must be aware of. You need to consider two areas – legally-imposed changes and ongoing security optimization. To ensure sensitive user data is not in danger, developers will be requiring tracking of all privacy update or changes of the third-party integrations.

Leaving any update unidentified could bring a severe security violation. 


If you are still wondering that you need an application but need to choose an affordable organization with skilled developers and designers then choose Frantic Infotech. We are a renowned organization that focuses on amazing cost-cutting solutions with great app development strategies that are 100 % successful in the market.

Contact us today.

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Mobile apps are the future of every business and its growth.

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A guide to mobile app development the future of business enhancement.


Do you have a great idea but are not aware of how to execute it into an amazing and successful business venture? Do you want to follow other entrepreneurs who are already earning a huge amount of profit through mobile applications?

All your questions will be answered here.


In this era of digitalization, people prefer Mobile apps as the base of their business ventures nowadays. people are living in the digital world more than the physical world, they are active online all the time and find a solution to all their problems through different apps or software available online. The increased smartphone usage in the world has forced businesses to adopt mobile app development strategy in every possible way. It has also been considered the main channel of doing business. As per the projections by 2025 above 77 percent of web traffic will be from mobile devices.


So what is a mobile app development Checklist? Let's understand this first.


Whether you are a start-up venture or a well-established business venture, a mobile application can hype profits exponentially hence first things first follow the step y step guide:


1. Choose the right platform

2. Determine the tentative budget for development 

3. Identify your target audience

4. Consider a revenue generation model 

5. Make a plan to let the mobile app reach your prospective users.


Types of mobile app development:


There are various types of mobile app development in the market, choosing which is best for your business venture is kind of a tricky job but once chosen correctly will help your business in the future.


1. Native App Development:

It is considered to be one of the most popular app development methodologies in the mobile app development filed. The native app is also considered and proven to be superior to other mobile apps in terms of both features and functionality

Technology Used: varieties of programming languages. Some of the examples   include the following Java, Kotlin, Python, Swift, Objective-C, C++, and React.


2. Cross-platform app development:

It is an economical app development solution, cross-platform app development is the best option you have. Here one can develop both iOS and Android apps simultaneously and also publish them together.

Technology Used: Hybrid apps are most likely to use various types of web technologies and native APIs. For example : Ionic, Objective C, Swift, HTML5, and others.


3. Progressive web app:

These types of applications can be accessed through a web browser on a smartphone. They are not autonomous apps in the sense you don’t have to download and install code into your device.


4. Minimum viable product:

These apps come with limited features and functionality to create initial interest among your potential customers and investors.

Several brands started as an MVP and have now become top-notch businesses, such as – Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, Spotify, and Groupon, amongst others.


So now you know how to start the mobile app development procedure and which app is suitable for your business venture. So no more waiting, act now, and contact us, get a mobile app developed for your business today. 

Frantic Infotech delivers feature-oriented apps on various platforms with the promise of on-time delivery at an affordable cost.


Choose what is best for you.

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