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How Can Bakery Applications Help You Expand Your Bakery Business?

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The bakery business is very competitive as there are so much talent and passion for cooking and baking among people. It is observed that there are various ways that one can grow his/her bakery business without increasing any overhead. Traditional ways of advertising do pay off a little, however, sometimes it is not enough. Therefore getting an app developed helps in bakery business expansion.


Here are a few ways through which you can increase your bakery business: –


  • Using print media for advertising: Ads in newspapers, pamphlets, direct mailers, magazine papers, etc. are different ways to enhance productivity. You can even volunteer for various segments that offer a baking section. You can even promote your business by sending out attractive postcards with information or pictures about your bakery.


  • Hiring an app development company: Bakery app development is still an upcoming idea in many places. However the most important aspect is that one of the most successful ways of enhancing your business is by creating a bakery app by hiring a reputed app development company. This can help you reach out to a much larger audience as there are many smartphone users and increase your presence online. One can add multiple things in a bakery app such are menu, customized orders, time and date of delivery, the type of cake a customer prefers, etc.


  • Offer baking classes: One of the most successful marketing techniques for establishing your business is to offer classes to a student who is seeking to learn the techniques of the bakery. You can easily promote your business by keeping open sessions at the bakery where you can attract customers, you can also bake some same cake pieces that customers and students can try.


  • Creating a website: Social networking is today’s world has become extremely important. You can also offer discounts and other coupons that help you promote your business. Consider setting up an online mail-order that can help you gage more customers. The outlook of your website should be reflected in baking as a passion.


  • Bakery Store with a view: You are selling bakery products such as cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. The store should look attractive enough to want customers to visit you. Put down certain aspects like music that appeals to what you are cooking, offering tea or coffee, warm decor with a sitting arrangement, etc.


  • Understanding the customer: You need to understand what people demand from a bakery shop. Keeping a level of pricing, quality, features, menu as per the environment you have set up, when you plan to set up a bakery shop targeting only the high-class events, it is very much needed to set up your bakery as per the surroundings.


As it is very clear that mobile app development for any business becomes a major helping hand. There are been immense changes in how business gets promoted nowadays. Earlier it is was all advertising and marketing. With the new concept of social media, you can easily promote, advertise businesses through the internet. The idea of a mobile app for businesses has been a true success as it is much accessible for mobile users. Many app development companies have built user-friendly, innovative, and easy to search application for a business like a bakery. 


For amazing mobile application development for your bakery business contact Frantic Infotech.

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Event Management at it Best with an Event Management Application, Know-How?

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Event management App; Essential event app features 


Event management applications are as important as any other app that we develop and hence we focus more on event management app development.

Some of the features that are incorporated by us into an event management app are as follows:


User sign up 


The very first thing in the app is the user sign up and register feature. To make this user registration process more convenient, consider registration to your app via their social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In this particular and easy to use way, your app users can share events with their friends on social media accounts and bring more users to your app.  


User profile Updation


When the user has successfully registered in the application he/she should fill in their profile with preference to events, favorite music genres, and bands so your app can provide more personalized event recommendations. 


Event feed for awareness


After the process of profile building and updating, the user has provided your app with preferences, therefore they will receive a more personalized event feed based on their interests. To build custom feeds you can use ready-made feed APIs, including Getstream, CivicFeed to personalize, and rank information about upcoming events. 


Event search by category 


For easy app navigation for the user, your app should include event categories, such as conferences, movies, concerts, and other event types. Hence to make the event search even more convenient for your users, you can use such filters as time, date, location, etc. 




Once the user choose the particular category of the event, the app user should have the option of buying a ticket via your app. To integrate in-app payment gateway, chose among Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree third-party services that provide a handy software development kit (SDK). 




Once the user has paid for a ticket, the app should send the ticket to the user's email or generate a ticket in the user's profile. It is observed that in many of the cases, event apps create digital tickets in the form of QR codes, so app users don't need to print the ticket, which makes your app even more user-friendly. 


Push notifications


Push notifications are used to remind app users about an upcoming event, the app should send a push notification with the event date, address, and amount of tickets available. At The APP Solutions, we use Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and Firebase Cloud Messaging to integrate push notification to a mobile app. 


By focusing on all the above-mentioned features, we at Frantic Infotech develop amazing user-friendly event management applications for your benefit and business growth, Choose us because you deserve the best.


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Tiffin Delivery Application | How is it useful in enhancing your tiffin business?

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It has been observed that Delicious Food and healthy food is one of the most common problems of bachelors, office employees, students, or who are far from their families. Tiffin services somehow make it easier for people who have no time for cooking or who don’t know how to cook by delivering them healthy and delicious food. As in the era of the nuclear family’s highly busy life, people demand more quality food at the doorstep. There is a large no. of people who provide Tiffin services with healthy food, within a reasonable cost and follow hygienic standards. It also employs housewives where they can earn a great profit by providing good food. People can choose the food service (breakfast, lunch, dinner) according to their needs. Hence getting an app developed for your tiffin service will be the greatest idea of all, for your business expansion and enhancement.


Benefits of getting a tiffin service or homemade food delivery app include the following:


  •  Home chefs are more reliable


  • Make Logistics as sophisticated


  •  High-Convenience against Giant Players



Why the Home-cooked mobile app is needed for selling the food to worldwide?


Aggregating your tiffin business by the mobile app is necessary for the following reasons. Some of gthe reasons including:


  • The automated process attracts a global audience


  • Seamless Payment Activities


  • Tracking Food Status


  • Preference-based preparation


Home-Cooked Food Delivery App Solution expansion of the home-cooked marketplace


 The features of the app that supports the expansion are listed as follows.


Ordering Convenience


Showcasing the diverse options for home-cooked professionals and the food items is the first impression of the customers. With the inclusion of a subscription plan in the app, customers can choose the food delivery option for a week or month and this reduces the overall cost spent for each day. 

The seamless browsing effect and the communication of taste preferences through the chat option also a beneficial thing for the customers.


Quality Time 


SpotnEats allows the customer a free mind from health issues. By the option of real-time tracking, the customers are aware of the transit of food and make their planning accordingly. Besides, the categorization option in this solution makes the home chefs feel free to prepare the menu for repetitive or subscribers for a long term-with the same menu.


Productivity Assurance


Suppose food requests are more in the same route means, the delivery partners organize their routes and prioritize the food delivery tasks based on the time of ordering. With this option, the stress-free ride of delivery trips is assured, and covering multiple trips may increase the revenue easily.

With these qualities, these apps attract more customers and the delivery partners, and thereby the expansion of your business is done effortlessly. 


How Home-Cooked Food Delivery App Solution offers a stable link between home chefs and customers:


The stable digital links between the customers and the service providers are necessary for the success of the business. When coming into the food delivery industry, this must be strong enough. The following are the major supporting metrics to assure stability.


Real-Time Analytics Observed

With the feasible live map option let, customers can track their orders right from the placing to the delivery instant by instant. Besides, the map available on the delivery partner dashboard makes them identify the optimal route easily and this reduces the traveling distance and time effectively. This feature can indirectly relate the home chefs and customers effectively. 


Notify Availabilities had Made it Easy

Suppose the customers place their order, the food in the orders is currently not available. Displaying such information through the mobile app itself makes the customers change their orders either by meal manuals or by changing the chefs is possible. In this way, the customers are lively connected with the home chefs irrespective of the location limits.


Retention strategy on Point

Offering the subscriptions to the long-term customers and the promotions to the home chefs who are the top among the players through solution retained the customers and home chefs greatly. Thereby, the consistent revenue is possible against the giant restaurants in the market. 


Final Conclusion:


By Concluding this blog, you might be aware of the background of the home-cooked food delivery business and the factors needed to make it an optimistic startup for global economy sharing. Besides, it is understood that the need for mobile applications for aggregation of all players under a single platform. Further, the impact of home-cooked food delivery app solution is also discussed with their features. The unique features of making the link stable and support the expansion effortlessly. Launch your dreamy ideas and make your stamp on the cottage food market by partnering with us.

Create an Exclusive Home-Cooked Food Delivery App or Tiffin Delivery app with Frantic Infotech.

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E- reading Application Development | Know the Benefits

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As it has been observed that these days, more offline book retailers and publishers are reaping the benefits of online reading apps. This is high time to follow the current trend as every book publisher creates its e-reading app.

So, what is the delay? Get an e-reading app with its essential features developed today by Frantic infotech and enhance your business cost-effectively!

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The future of Healthcare is on- demand Doctor's App

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Doctor's application has been in trend nowadays and also, in the past few years. These applications have changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. They definitely have not only prompted users to install these apps on their smartphones, but have also encouraged many doctors and medical organizations to invest in Doctor On-demand app development. For a clear evidence , as per a 2019 survey of 800 physicians, adoption of telehealth solutions at clinics have risen by 340%, while 79% of the surveyed patients have shared positive feedback about these apps in another survey.

Mesmerized with the above mentioned numbers, if you are a doctor or healthcare provider who wishes to enter this market segment but, at the same time, wants to take the decision smartly then definitely you’ve landed at the right place.



1. More convenient

A remote doctor consulting application, lets patients to connect with reputed doctors in real-time. This delivers them with the convenience of getting the right consultation, prescription and healthcare services with a few taps on their smartphone screens.


2.  Improved patient outcomes are experienced

A mobile application also gives patients an escape from visiting clinics and hospitals for follow-ups, having medications, missing appointments, or asking about prescriptions again and again, especially during this coronavirus pandemic situations it is the best way to consulyt a doctor or treat a patient.

This also reduces the number of appointments and related tasks and let doctors provide better assistance to all the patients in real-time in the form of a call or message, which eventually improves their experience level and outcomes.


3.  Reduced paperwork for hassle free consultation

The prime advantages of Doctor on-demand platforms is that they let both healthcare providers and patients keep a record of all the details on their mobile. This finally cuts down the time and hassle associated with maintaining in-office administrative paperwork.


4.  Lower hospital visits

This on- demand healthcare app has ultimately reduced the number of hospital readmissions and visits without affecting the quality of the services offered by the doctors.


5.  Cheaper Services as compared to the old way of treatment

As the healthcare services are made convenient and available in real-time, while it ois observed thatt cutting down the costs associated with ER trips and hospital admissions, these apps have proven to made the healthcare services cheaper and accessible to all.


So what are you waiting for? Get an on- demand healthcare application developed by the best mobile app developers in town that is Frantic Infotech.

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